Twenty-Five Personalities of the Kingdom of Babylon


NOTE:  This product is for the First Edition of Babylon On Which Fame and Jubilation Are Bestowed.  First Edition products have been superseded by the new Second Edition, which introduces a new ruleset and significantly more setting information.

Need the best-made leather armor in the whole city of Babylon?  Go see the leatherworker Bahli-bašti, but make sure to bring your purse.

Need to research a Sumerian ritual, not performed since the Deluge?  If anyone knows where to find more information on it, it’ll be Amat-Marduk, a naditum familiar with the archives of Esagil.

When a wealthy awilum is found dead near the Market Gate, will players be able to track down the bloodthirsty fortune-teller Nanna-girgal, or will the incredulous judge Rip’a-malik attempt to arrest them first?

How is the moneylender Lawi-la-Addu implicated in the night-time burglaries of the acrobat Ana-Ayya-uzni, and what, if anything, does his latest spate of bad investments have to do with the criminal alewife Ruttum?

Twenty-Five Personalities of the Kingdom of Babylon supplies twenty-five pregenerated, non-player characters appropriate to a fantasy roleplaying game set in the world of 18th Century BCE Mesopotamia.  These individuals are not kings, queens or other powerful, socially remote officials whom players are unlikely to affect through their actions.  Instead, they are interesting, unique personalities whose involvement can add a bit of flavor to adventures in Mesopotamia, or around whom gamemasters can create whole scenarios.

As with our previous material for Babylon On Which Fame and Jubilation Are Bestowed, all game mechanics are presented using BFJB’s “classless” d20 system.  However, this material is easily adapted to any system of your choice, or to other fantastic campaigns set at other times and places in the Ancient Near East.

Twenty-Five Personalities of the Kingdom of Babylon is available now at DriveThruRPG.