The Cursed Colony of Meslamtaea (Adventure Setting)

Four hundred and fifty years before the reign of Ḫammu-rapi of Babylon, Naram-Sîn of Akkade destroyed the colony of Kār-Nergal. Abandoned by its people, silt soon clogged the colony’s main irrigation channel. The resulting flood swamped the city’s broken remains.

Recently, descendants of Kār-Nergal’s survivors have returned to reclaim the colony, now situated in the midst of a fetid marsh. Afflicted by a centuries-old curse, the people of Kār-Nergal are led by fanatic clergy. These priests, who worship an ancient aspect of the underworld god Meslamtaea, have commanded their agents to gather captives and slaves for the high-priestess’s grand project.

Day after day, this workforce labors at a great excavation. Informed by god-sent visions, the high-priestess believes a powerful artifact lies buried here — one, she hopes, will allow her to disrupt the petty kingdoms of Mesopotamia, thereby fueling Kār-Nergal’s return to significance.

The Cursed Colony of Meslamtaea is the first adventure setting for the Second Edition of Babylon, On Which Fame and Jubilation Are Bestowed, a roleplaying game set in the world of Ḫammu-rapi of Babylon.