Mythic Babylon looks even better in print

This post is about Design Mechanism’s Mythic Babylon. Šukāmu Press is not involved with either that company or the creation of this product. Instead, I mention it here because it’s a fantastic resource for gaming in Ancient Mesopotamia, and will be of interest to anyone who has purchased or enjoyed Babylon on Which Fame andContinue reading “Mythic Babylon looks even better in print”

Recommendation: Mythic Babylon

In BFJB-relevant news, I wanted to note the release of The Design Mechanism‘s Mythic Babylon for the Mythras System. I’ve spent much of the past 24 hours pouring over the PDF, and I’m eagerly awaiting the softcover. My initial impressions are that a monumental amount of research went into the production of this book, andContinue reading “Recommendation: Mythic Babylon”