Checking In

Another year, come and gone. No products published, nothing in the pipeline. Excuses? I have a few. In many ways, 2022 has been the most chaotic year of my professional life. Within a month of announcing that I was running for judicial office, my long-time law partner ended up in the hospital. Within two weeks,Continue reading “Checking In”

The Doom of Ešnunna…still happening?

Those who have been paying attention to Babylon On Which Fame and Jubilation Are Bestowed since the first edition days will know that almost three years ago I began writing a supplement focusing on the kingdom of Ešnunna. The initial drafts of this work — provisionally titled The Doom of Ešnunna — encountered multiple falseContinue reading “The Doom of Ešnunna…still happening?”

Ravin’ Under Dark, and a BJFB-CCoM Update

First things first, I’ve written a new scenario for Ryuutama. It’s available as a PWYW title at DTRPG. From the description: Over the course of several journeys, you’ve heard whispered references to a mysterious figure known as “DJ Ishkremshüz.” In out of the way spots, you’ve seen graffiti of a stylized ice cream cone, andContinue reading “Ravin’ Under Dark, and a BJFB-CCoM Update”

More 3rd Party Content, Some BFJB-related Links, & and a New Product Announcement(!)

I’ve held off making this blog post for longer than I should have. Rather than a handful of smaller updates, I was waiting to have something to show from the BFJB adventure setting I’m working on. I’ll get to that, but first… Alea iactanda est is making stellar third party material for BFJB. You shouldContinue reading “More 3rd Party Content, Some BFJB-related Links, & and a New Product Announcement(!)”

Errata for Area Measures in BFJB 2.0

As mentioned last week, I discovered that some of the area measurements in BFJB 2.0 are incorrect. Over the past week I’ve gone back to my research notes and checked every number, and what follows represents the result. In most of these cases, the errors stemmed from the process of converting units, exacerbated by theContinue reading “Errata for Area Measures in BFJB 2.0”

Fantastic 3rd Party Character Sheets for BFJB 2.0

Alea iactanda est is blogging about their reaction to BFJB 2.0, with a post on character creation. They’ve also created a series of character sheets for BFJB 2.0 that are frankly spectacular. One version is written exclusively in Akkadian cuneiform! If you’re reading this, you should pop over and check the site out.  I suspectContinue reading “Fantastic 3rd Party Character Sheets for BFJB 2.0”

Updated BFJB 2.0 Character Sheet; Example Gardener PC

I’ve updated the basic character sheet available here. I spent most of my day doing yard work, and that ultimately prompted this revision: at some point started thinking about gardener-PCs in BFJB. In other news, I started work on a short adventure location this week, and it’s coming along nicely. We’ve made enough money offContinue reading “Updated BFJB 2.0 Character Sheet; Example Gardener PC”

(Accidentally) Omitted Bibliography in BFJB 2.0

I realized in reviewing the bibliography of BFJB 2.0 that several items were accidentally omitted.  I’ve always endeavored to provide thorough bibliographies for BFJB materials, if for no other reason than that bibliographies were a huge help to me in compiling the information on which BFJB is based. The omitted entires are as follows: DeContinue reading “(Accidentally) Omitted Bibliography in BFJB 2.0”

Off To The Races: Thoughts on Old Babylonian Chariots

As can be expected from any big writing project, there are quite a few bits and pieces that didn’t make it into the final draft of BFJB 2.0.  Some of these were true dead ends, but many of them represent ideas that I would have probably developed further given infinite time, space, and readers’ indulgence. Continue reading “Off To The Races: Thoughts on Old Babylonian Chariots”