Minor Updates to BFJB 2.0 and CCoM PDFs

I spent most of yesterday going through the original InDesign files for Babylon on Which Fame and Jubilation Are Bestowed 2.0 and the Cursed Colony of Meslamtaea, updating the English language typefaces. This font was exhibiting strange behavior when viewed on an iOS device running the iOS 15 beta. For the most part, this was limited to ligatures like “fl” or modified Latin characters such as “ḫ”. It’s even more bizarre that all of the cuneiform (and the bit of Middle Egyptian in BFJB) displayed normally.

It was a little tedious, but it’s done now. I’ll sleep much better knowing that both of these products will display as intended for all customers.

Also, while I was updating BFJB 2.0, I corrected the measurement errata and inserted the handful of missing citations in the bibliography which I’ve noted over the past year.

For now, these minor changes have not been made to the print-on-demand edition. Without getting too caught up in the way I manage and process the different InDesign files, suffice it to say that modifying the print version would require me to do some of this work over again. More importantly, when I do update the POD file, DriveThruRPG will automatically stop selling the print version until I can verify the new proof, a process that can take several weeks.

Everyone who purchased BFJB 2.0 or CCoM should have received a message from DriveThruRPG notifying you of the update. As always, let me know if you notice any more typographical or display issues, or have any other concerns about Šukāmu Press’s releases.

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