Babylon On Which Fame and Jubilation Are Bestowed 2.0 is DriveThruRPG’s Deal of the Day!

The Second Edition of Babylon on Which Fame and Jubilation Are Bestowed is DriveThruRPG’s deal of the day. This means that you can purchase the PDF for $8.99 instead of the regular $14.99 price. You can take advantage of this deal here.

BJFB 2.0 also received a very nice review on DTRPG, a portion of which is excerpted below:

The single best reference of Mesopotamian/Bronze age information for rpgs – there is none better. Well worth the money. Everything a player or GM would need: names for both sexes in 5 languages, culture, professions, weights and measures, maps, locations, hooks, threats, religions, gods, monsters, weapons, tools, magic etc, etc.

Dominic W., reviewer on DTRPG

Of course, I still maintain that the best way to own BFJB 2.0 is in print. “Deal of the day” sales don’t apply to DTRPG’s print-on-demand products (because of the costs of printing a physical book). However, as always, purchase of the print version means you immediately receive a free copy of the full PDF version.

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