Ravin’ Under Dark, and a BJFB-CCoM Update

First things first, I’ve written a new scenario for Ryuutama. It’s available as a PWYW title at DTRPG.

From the description:

Over the course of several journeys, you’ve heard whispered references to a mysterious figure known as “DJ Ishkremshüz.” In out of the way spots, you’ve seen graffiti of a stylized ice cream cone, and picked up DIY flyers advertising a secret, never-ending party.

You’ve asked around at back-alley tea shops and street-side record vendors. What you’ve discovered is that DJ Shooz is real, a legendary underground turntablist, and that he presides over a massive dance party so underground, it’s literally subterranean.

Ravin’ Under Dark is a free, unofficial scenario for Ryuutama that takes travelers into a perilous underground world, developed through twenty encounters, which can be played, dropped, or randomly chosen at the GM’s discretion. Also included are rules for managing illumination in the Underground, and several new monsters like the üntergoblins — a race of nekogoblins endemic to this lightless world.

I’ve written before about how much I enjoy Ryuutama, especially its “anti-grimdark” feel. As an outlet for some of my lighter, sillier ideas, it’s perfect.

That said, Ravin’ Under Dark clocks in at roughly 11,000 words. The process of writing, editing, and laying it out took time away from my work on new BFJB material. I’ve also been lucky that my work schedule has remained pretty consistent, even with the COVID-19 closures.

As a result, I’m going to revise my timetable for the release of the Cursed Colony of Meslamtaea — I’m guessing it’ll be available for purchase sometime around the beginning of July.

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