BFJB 2.0 Released

The PDF for the second edition of Babylon, On Which Fame and Jubilation Are Bestowed is live. You can purchase it now at DTRPG.

I wrote a rather long post a few days ago about this release, and rather than repeat myself, I’ll direct your attention to that. For now, I’m going to enjoy a bit of rest. As anyone who’s ever worked on a months-long project like this knows, the final run up to release is usually a bit stressful.

At this time, I’m probably not in a good place to speculate on what’s next for BFJB, or my own RPG work. I have plans and ideas, a three-fourths finished Ešnunna supplement that just keeps growing, and of course I’m still gaming. But a little break is in order, I think, so that I can get a better perspective on the future.

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