Christmas 2019 Update

I’ve been up to a couple of gaming-related things since my last update.
First and foremost, I submitted a scenario to the Ryuutama Holiday Scenario Competition.  All the entries were amazing, but somehow, I came in first place.  I won’t bother rehashing what Ryuutama is here, but if you’re interested in my scenario (Home for the Hearthsdays), or any of the other submissions, you can find all the submissions aggregated into one file here.
After a hiatus, all of the players in my online Star Trek Adventures group, for the first time since we started playing, were physically in the same place.  I ran a scenario of my own creation where the crew has to thwart a temporary technology exchange between the Dominion and the Borg.  The consequences of failure would have not only changed the events of Deep Space Nine‘s Dominion War, but also derailed the events leading up to Voyager‘s “Scorpion”.  My regular players are veterans of the game at this point, but their spouses played as well, so I collaborated with them on their characters and then produced a bunch of handout player cards and tokens.
I’m actually really proud of the way everything turned out, and everyone seemed to have a great time.  You can see some of the tokens I made below (using the Star Trek Miniature Maker 2.0), as well as player, ship and NPC cards which I designed myself using my aging copy of InDesign.
All that said, I’m in the process of finishing the last three chapters of writing on the new edition of BFJB.  Still no release date, but one of the beautiful things about being a small operation is that once it’s done, the road to putting it up for everyone to purchase isn’t that far away.
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