October 2019 Update


The Ešnunna supplement is officially on an indefinite hiatus. Instead, I’ve been working on a new edition of BFJB — one that dispatches with any vestiges of the out-modded d20-OGL ruleset. I’ll write about this more as we get closer to a release, but suffice it to say it’s 95 percent written, and about 60 percent laid-out as of this post.
Because I’ll be deprecating all of the BFJB products that use the 1.0 system, I’m reducing the prices of all of those products on DTRPG today, and pulling the print editions.
My hope is that this new edition can be a more comprehensive framework for adventuring in the Ancient Near East, while making character creation less convoluted and much, much quicker. This second edition also includes much more setting information, with more details about the cities and kingdoms around Babylon.
Here’s a taste:
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