What I’ve Been Up To (All Aboard for Murder! and Ešnunna Update)

First things first — the Ešnunna supplement continues to be delayed. The manuscript is roughly 75% finished. No ETA on completion, although I don’t anticipate layout to take as long as some other products I’ve made.
In the meantime, I’ve been playing or GMing various other games. My play-by-post Mesopotamian Rolemaster game continues at the leisurely pace of a forum game. My weekly Star Trek Adventures game has gone on a temporary hiatus, after my players once again encountered their favorite NPC.
But the real reason for this update is because today, I released a free scenario for the Japanese RPG Ryuutama. Ryuutama is a popular system for honobono (“heart-warming”) adventures, focused on traveling and discovery; it’s often described as “Hayao Miyazaki’s Oregon Trail.”
Here’s the product description:
All Aboard for Murder! is a free, unofficial scenario for the Japanese RPG Ryuutama.
The PCs board a train bound for a distant land, and travel for several days through the lawless wilderness between stations. When one of their fellow passengers is killed, and another passenger disappears, the PCs are presented with a cast of suspicious characters, and must determine who committed the murder before they arrive at their destination and the culprit escapes.
All Aboard for Murder! has 17 main NPCs and maps for each of the cars. You’ll need the Ryuutama rulebook to play.
You can download it at DTRPG, for free.
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