July ’18 Update

The Doom of Ešnunna

Work continues on the next BFJB supplement, The Doom of Ešnunna.  Previously, I’ve stated that it would be available in Q2 of 2018.  Well, since yesterday was the beginning of Q3, unless I have a time machine, and you’ve gotten stuck in an orphaned, pre-rewrite spacetime continuum — that didn’t happen.

As a window into the current state of the supplement, about 75% of the text exists at this point.  However, several issues regarding research and sources are slowing down the process.  An identical situation occurred at this point in the production of the Core Rulebook.  As one or two of the footnotes and a few editorial comments in BFJB indicate, our knowledge of Eighteenth Century BCE is far from complete.  In the Core Rulebook, and now in The Doom of Ešnunna, a fair part of the actual writing “work” lies in presenting and synthesizing conflicting data and theories about (often minor) aspects of life in the Ancient Near East.

There are several ways that I dealt with this in BFJB.  First, I would try to make all of the pieces fit.  When I couldn’t, I would instead choose whichever information I thought would be most compatible and interesting within the context of a roleplaying game.  Finally, at a few points, I had to invent information out of whole cloth, as I did when creating entries for Hammu-rapi’s wives.

The cities that fall under the hegemony of Ešnunna have their own problems, primarily that there is comparatively less written about them than those of Babylon or Mari.  Even something as simple as chronology can be difficult, and it’s hard to present a coherent historical narrative without deciding “okay, this happened before that.”

Revised BFJB Core Book

The mention of timeline revisions segues well into my next topic: I’m currently working on a revision of the Core Rulebook.  Several kind reviewers have noted myriad typos and errors, ones which I would like to reconcile as quickly as possible.  There’s also an image I would like to replace, and with the composition of The Doom of Ešnunna, I’ve discovered there are several minor adjustments to the timeline I would like to make.

As with all DriveThruRPG titles, this revision will be free to customers who have previously purchased the Core Rulebook.  You should be notified when it is available for download.


I also want to say that I appreciate several people who have purchased the book and written reviews on DriveThruRPG.  It means so much to me that you not only liked my work, but took the time to write a multi-paragraph review of it.  I especially want to thank the customer who went through the book and provided a detailed list of typos and corrections.

Thank all of you so much.

The Plague of the Raging King

Lastly, I thought I would note that I am currently running a Mesopotamian-themed play-by-post game over at the Real Roleplaying Forums.  We’re using Iron Crown Enterprises old Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying (RMFRP) rules, and we already have a full party of player characters, but anyone who would like some ideas about adventures set in the Ancient Near East might find it interesting.
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