WIP Announcement: The Doom of Ešnunna

Tribes and Armies took longer to produce than expected.  As previously discussed, that book includes important supplemental character options and setting information.  It is a natural companion to BFJB‘s Core Rulebook, but was delayed because of the promised — but much less essential — system for adjudicating mass combat.

With Tribes and Armies now out of the pipeline, Šukāmu Press can begin to look beyond the Kingdom of Babylon, to Ḫammu-rapi’s neighbors.  Our next product, The Doom of Ešnunna is slated for release in Q2 2018.

Eshnunna Frontpage

Ešnunna — the city, the kingdom — is doomed.  Centered on a tributary of the Tigris River, this ancient city-state is surrounded by powerful, populous neighbors — Babylon to the west and Assyria to the north, with Elam to the south, and the wild, tribal areas of the Zagros Mountains to the east.

The Doom of Ešnunna details those areas which fall under the hegemony of the King of Ešnunna, Ibal-pi-El II, in 1767 BCE.  This supplement also focuses on the history of the city-state and its people, including the fascinating career of one Ṣilli-Sîn.  Born a commoner, destined to be king, Ṣilli-Sîn would only rule for a few years.  The city would be deserted within a decade.

We recognize that even with the Internet, detailed information on the world of Mesopotamia isn’t always readily accessible to interested laypersons.  While The Doom of Ešnunna will include a sample adventure, the focus of this book will not be on game mechanics, but rather setting material.  As with all BFJB publications, options will be included for fantasy campaigns, however, we remain committed to the presentation of historical Mesopotamia.

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